Counseling Course and Ministerial Licensing

The Counseling course is the final step in becoming a licensed minister through Living Church Ministries, Inc. This course is a six month commitment and includes course content as well as a counseling practicum.
The purpose of this course is to support you to deepen in your connection with the Holy Spirit.

To be truly helpful is to step back and let the Holy Spirit do His part. He is the counselor; the true comforter. When brought to the Holy Spirit's wisdom and healing light, there are no mysterious problems to solve, nor any difficulty that cannot be healed.

As well as readings, talks, and movies that highlight the function of a counselor, there is a significant focus on practical assignments that offer an opportunity to listen, to join with the Holy Spirit in mind, and to be used in service to the Spirit.

Counseling Course Objectives

  • To practice stepping aside and welcoming the Holy Spirit into every interaction.

  • To become aware of one's own mind patterns, fears, and thoughts when interacting with others, and to use these moments as prompts to turn to the Spirit in prayer.

  • To realize and experience on a deeper level that the purpose of every interaction is for one's own mind training and healing.

  • To gain familiarity and awareness of how to "hold the space" for a brother, in order to allow and support the healing to occur.

  • To become more aware of typical ego dynamics such as the "unhealed healer" and "false empathy," and to use these as prompts to turn to the Spirit in prayer.

  • To gain the confidence to facilitate group sessions and to have opportunities to pray and connect with the Holy Spirit.

  • To experience "being done through" (being a channel for the Spirit to speak and shine through).

  • To deepen in awareness and discernment of the difference between the Voice for God and the voice of the ego.

  • To step more fully into the function of a teacher of God and miracle worker, and to face all that this brings up for healing; denial of ability, resistance to being used by the Spirit, unworthiness, projection of an unwanted self-concept (which is really all the fear of love).

Commitments and Prerequisites

You will need to have completed the two-year Ministerial Program prior to enrolling in this course.

The time frame for the Counseling course is six months.

The practicums involve:

  • Mentoring: Facilitating monthly calls with two mentees over a period of six months

  • Prayer and Support calls: 10 to 20 calls

  • Facilitating sessions with individuals and groups (facilitating or co-facilitating): Two sessions with individuals, two sessions/services with groups

  • Reflection/self-evaluation: Completion of self-evaluation forms following each assignment or call

Note: If you are not in the Ministerial Program and you feel the call to be a minister with Living Church Ministries, Inc., please contact

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