Counseling Course Enrollment Form

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I have completed the Ministerial Program.


I understand that the Counseling course is a six-month course and that if I am unable to complete the assignments and practicums within six months I will need to request a grace period (extension) of up to three months.


Please check every box to indicate the following: I commit to full participation in this course, and participation as a facilitator or co-facilitator in the following practicums:

  20 x Prayer and Support calls through the Living Miracles Prayer & Support Network (average of one call per week over six months)
  2 x Mentor-mentee calls per month
  2 x Group sessions/services
  2 x One-to-one Sessions

I understand that the Counseling course offered by Living Church Ministries, Inc. certifies me to offer spiritual counseling within this ministry and through my own spiritual ministry. I understand that laws and requirements regarding professional counseling functions vary between countries and states, so I may need to refer to my local government agency regarding my credentials and practice.

I understand

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