Counseling Course Payment

Purpose of the Counseling Course

The purpose of this course is to support you to deepen in your connection with the Holy Spirit. To be truly helpful is to step back and let the Holy Spirit do His part. He is the counselor; the true comforter. When brought to the Holy Spirit's wisdom and healing light, there are no mysterious problems to solve, nor any difficulty that cannot be healed.

As well as readings, talks, and movies that highlight the function of a counselor, there is a significant focus on practical assignments that offer an opportunity to listen, to join with the Holy Spirit in mind, and to be used in service to the Spirit.

Having completed the two-year MMT Program, you will already be familiar with much of the content in this course. However, because the focus is now on extending, it is likely that you will experience a shift in terms of what is brought up for your own mind training and healing. Below are the objectives for the Counseling course, and on the following page are more details about the practical requirements.

Payment for the Counseling Course

The cost of the Counseling course is $400.00 USD. Payment in the Counseling course is the last step in the enrollment process. You must be a commissioned minister with Living Church Ministries, Inc. and have confirmation from the Dean prior to enrolling into this course. To enroll, take the following steps:

  • Contact the Dean to express your interest in enrolling in the Counseling course at

  • Complete the Counseling Enrollment Form here. The Dean will then contact you regarding next steps.

  • When you have received confirmation from the Dean to enroll, use the button below to make the payment* (please make sure to include your email address when filling out the form).

Please note that refunds are not given for the Counseling course
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