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Important: You will need to contact the Dean ( prior to completing this form. There are several steps to take and prerequisites to be fulfilled prior to applying for the Ministerial Program.

You will receive an email response once your enrollment form is processed. Thank you!

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There are specific prerequisites for enrolling into the Ministerial Program that need to be upheld for a minimum of three consecutive months prior to opting in from MMT. The prerequisites are as follows:

  • Be enrolled in the Mystical Mind Training Program
  • Fulfill the following prerequisites within the Mystical Mind Training Program
    • Complete one course per month for three consecutive months
    • Complete and submit all required assignments in the order they are given in the program
    • Submit any incomplete assignments from previously finished courses
    • Participate in a weekly call with a Mind Training Partner for three consecutive months with the sole purpose of joining around the program and mind training

Please indicate that you understand and meet these requirements:


Other prerequisites for the Ministerial Program are:

  • A minimum of one year daily, structured, and devotional spiritual study
  • Involvement with Living Miracles teachings for a minimum of three months prior to enrollment

Please detail your study practice and materials, and provide a summary of the insights, healing, and/or realizations that have occurred for you in the last year.

What has been your involvement with Living Miracles teachings and resources in the past three months, and what do they mean to you?

Other Questions

Have you recognized the call to awaken and know God? Please comment on what this means to you.



Do you recognize a need for help to identify the blocks to awareness of Love's presence? Please comment on what this means to you.




Outlined here are the commitments involved with the Ministerial Program. Please read these over, and respond if you are feeling ready to make these commitments at this time:

  • Complete one course/module per month. This involves about 10–15 hours of study and participation per week.
  • Practice self-responsibility with regards to keeping up the pace of this program.
  • Stay focused on only one course per month. Like the introduction to the Workbook of A Course in Miracles which instructs, "Do not undertake to do more than one set of exercises a day." This program similarly requires a willingness to stay focused on only one course per month and to not "skip ahead."
  • Submit all assignments in the order they are given in the program.
  • Have a weekly call with a Mind Training Partner to discuss assignments, materials from the program, ask questions about the program, or look at thoughts for the purpose of healing.
  • Submit a monthly update/self-evaluation form.

Can you agree to the above commitments to participate fully in the Ministerial Program?


As a symbol of my commitment, I accept that all payments for the Ministerial Program are non-refundable.


Please write a letter of intention, describing your reasons and inspiration for participating in the Ministerial Program. Write from your heart!

All ministers and ministers-in-training are required to attend at least one paid Living Miracles event, in-person or online every six months, either as a participant or as a volunteer. This is a primary means of deepening in your commitment to healing through contact and collaboration with other ministers. As a volunteer, this becomes a way to serve through demonstration.

Are you prepared to attend a paid Living Miracles event, in-person or online, every six months?




Please type your name as your signature, to indicate that you understand and are in agreement with the following statements.

  • I understand that being a minister with this church is primarily about a relationship, and a shared desire to serve God.
  • I understand that the purpose of this program is the strengthening of my relationship with the Holy Spirit and undoing of the ego, which will involve letting go of what I think I know, and deepening in trust, acceptance, and faith.
  • I understand that completion of the program is a joint endeavor, and I am open to guidance and an individualized approach in support of my becoming a commissioned minister.
  • I understand that after I've become a commissioned minister, I'll then have the option of completing the Counseling Course if I want to become a licensed minister. 

Sign and date:

* Discontinuation of the Ministerial Program

If at any point you become unable to meet the requirements of the Ministerial Program you may, through communication with the Dean, be un-enrolled from the Ministerial Program, and instead be enrolled in the MMT Program without additional cost. The MMT Program does not include ministerial training or the Counseling Module.

I understand and accept that if I do not keep the commitments and requirements of the Ministerial Program (to be determined through an evaluation period as arranged with the Dean) I will be un-enrolled in the Ministerial Program and my ministerial training will discontinue. My tuition fee will be non-refundable and non-transferable.

I understand

I understand and accept that if I choose to re-enroll in the Ministerial Program at a later date I will be required to pay the Ministerial Program tuition fee and meet the requirements/prerequisites laid out by the Dean. The Ministerial Program tuition fee is the difference between the MMT Program and the Ministerial Program, and any other additional modules over and above the two-year MMT Program.

I understand

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