Mystical Mind Training (MMT) Application Form

*Important: The MMT Program is not the Ministerial Program. It is possible to opt into the Ministerial Program once you are an established user of MMT. This involves an additional cost and enrollment process, the details of which are outlined in the Ministerial Program enrollment information section on MMT.

Please note that this is an application form and does not imply automatic enrollment into MMT. Once you complete and submit this form you will be contacted by a Living Church Ministries representative to confirm whether you have been accepted into the program. Please do not make a payment before your enrollment is confirmed.

You will receive an email response once your enrollment form is processed. Thank you!

Contact Information

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Prerequisite 1

You will need to be "computer literate" to use MMT. If you are new to technology or you are new to your computer/laptop, you will need to acquire training prior to enrolling. You will need to have explored your current computer thoroughly, and have downloaded and/or be familiar with the following programs and accessories before enrolling in the Mystical Mind Training Program:

*An internet browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc..) – To use MMT, you'll need to be able to login to the website and visit other supplemental websites

*Skype – To make and receive calls using a headset (or earbuds). You'll also need to know how to use the mute function in Skype, and how to add new Skype contacts

*Word or Open Office text editors – You'll need one of these programs (or equivalent) to edit and save certain assignments

*Downloads  Know how to download files and save them to your computer, and how to find and open them

*Email  To send, receive, save, and organize emails

*Attachments – Be familiar with how to attach documents to an email

Please indicate that you understand and meet these requirements:


Prerequisite 2

A prerequisite for the MMT Program is a minimum of one year of structured, devotional, daily spiritual study. Completion of the Workbook of A Course in Miracles is an example of a 12-month study practice.

Please detail your study practice and materials. Provide a summary of the insights, healing, and/or realizations that have occurred for you in the last two years.

Other Questions

Do you recognize a need for help to identify the blocks to awareness of Love's presence? Please comment on what this means to you.



Is there someone involved in Living Church Ministries—a community member, minister, etc.—who has been a main communication link for you? Or is there someone with whom you have discussed enrollment in to the Mystical Mind Training program? If so, who?

How long have you been aware of and following David Hoffmeister's / Living Miracles teachings?  What is your experience with our teachings and resources (please be specific), and what do they mean to you?


Outlined here are our suggestions which support steady progress through the program. Please read through these and then respond to indicate that you feel ready and able to make a commitment to the MMT Program at this time.

  • Maintain a regular (e.g. weekly) call with a mind training/study partner to discuss assignments, materials from the program, ask questions about the program, and/or look at thoughts for the purpose of healing and mind training.
  • Schedule MMT time into your week. Once fully enrolled you will be given access to MMT for four years. Completion within four years involves a minimum of 5–7.5 hours of participation per week/20–30 hours per month.

Are you prepared to make a commitment to participate fully and complete the MMT Program within four years?


As a symbol of my commitment, I accept that all payments for the MMT program are non-refundable.


Please write a letter of intention, describing your reasons and inspiration for participating in the Mystical Mind Training Program. Write from your heart!

Access to complete the MMT program is given for four years. If you complete the MMT Program within four years and you would like to keep your user access open, you will need to be in communication with us to clarify the reason and purpose for ongoing use (e.g. teaching purposes).

Please respond indicating that you understand.

Church Membership

All first-year participants of MMT become members of Living Church Ministries, Inc. As a first-year participant of MMT, you will automatically be granted membership for one year. At the end of the one-year period you can renew your church membership if you choose to continue as a member of the church.

To become a member of our church, you would need to be:

  • In agreement with our Statement of Faith. Click here to read.
  • In an ongoing relationship with the church. Click here to read.

Are you in agreement with our Statement of Faith?



Please type your name as your signature, to indicate that you understand and are in agreement with the following statements.

  • I understand that the purpose of this program is strengthening my relationship with the Holy Spirit and undoing the ego, which involves letting go of what I think I know, and deepening in trust, acceptance, and faith.
  • I understand that completion of the program is a joint endeavor and I am open to guidance from program overseers and an individualized approach.

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