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Please read through the following information first. Enrollment information for the Living Church Ministries Ministerial Program is available at the bottom of the page.

This Ministerial Program involves both study and practical application. It is a curriculum in purification and inner discipline, and it is for those who have a sincere desire to awaken to the Love of God, using Christ's teachings. The core of the curriculum is the practical application of the ideas for one's own mind training. It involves transfer of training, which means generalizing the ideas without making exceptions.


The materials and resources used throughout the Ministerial Program are an extension of the living experience which all of Christ's teachings point to. The Holy Spirit uses the form to point to the content, until there is a complete experience of the content (the living experience of God), and form is meaningless (it was a tool to bring us to the experience).

Assignments and Mentor

Assignments are woven throughout the program for the purpose of inner inquiry and to develop a clear understanding of the teachings. This involves taking the ideas inward to question limiting beliefs, and applying the ideas to one's own thoughts and life situations. Some assignments involve only prayer and contemplation; others involve discussion with your mind training partner. Most assignments involve using an online function to compose a written response, which may be reviewed by your mentor (whom you'll be assigned upon enrollment).

Collaboration and Support

Participants are paired up so that work is done individually and then discussed, shared, and strengthened with a mind training partner who is also going through the program.

Requirements for the Two-Year Ministerial Program

  • A prerequisite is a minimum of one year of daily, devotional spiritual study, and involvement with Living Miracles teachings prior to enrollment (a description of your study and practice will be included on your enrollment form)

  • Commit to a weekly call with a mind training/study partner to discuss assignments and materials from the program, ask questions about the program, and/or look at thoughts for the purpose of healing and mind training

  • Check in with a mentor once a month to report on progress and/or receive support for the purpose of healing and mind training

  • Online assignments are submitted to your mentor for review. All of the assignments for each course must be completed

  • To finish the program within two years it is necessary to complete one course per month. This involves 10–15 hours of study and participation per week

  • Attend a Living Miracles retreat every two years, either as a participant or (after licensing) as a volunteer at a retreat in your home country

Completion of the two-year Ministerial Program leads to being a commissioned minister with Living Church Ministries, Inc.

Requirements for the Counseling Module

  • Successful completion of the two-year Ministerial Program prior to enrollment

  • Complete the Counseling Module. Click here for more information about the Counseling Module

Completion of the two-year Ministerial Program and the Counseling Module leads to being a licensed minister with Living Church Ministries, Inc.

Ordained ministers are appointed by the Senior Pastor of the church.

Enrollment and Payment

Enrollment into both the two-year Ministerial Program and the Counseling Module involves separate enrollments, and additional costs to the MMT Program.

Click here to go to the Enrollment and Payment Area.

* More detailed information about church membership and ministerial definitions is also in the Enrollment and Payment area.

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