Mystical Mind Training Program

Mystical Mind Training (MMT) is an online, advanced mind training program for those desiring an experiential way of healing the mind and undoing the ego completely. Spiritual Awakening texts, videos, music, audio files, and writings are woven together in a curriculum designed to heighten understanding of the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles, and transfer the training to everything that has been believed—without exception. Many of the spiritual teachings are from ACIM teacher David Hoffmeister. The MMT program also provides discussion forums where you can connect with other students for support and inspiration.


Details of the MMT Program

Who It Is For

MMT is for miracle-workers, teachers of God, and ACIM teachers and students who have advanced in the curriculum of forgiveness yet need additional structure in the practical application to experience a consistently peaceful state of mind.

Topics Included in the Program
Topics in the program include guidance, holy relationship, metaphysics, empathy, no private thoughts, trust and inspiration, the power of thought, special relationships, prayer, psychotherapy and teaching, discernment, mind-watching, enlightenment, forgiveness, and divine providence.

Assignments are woven throughout the program for the purpose of inner inquiry and to develop a clear understanding of the teachings. This involves taking the ideas inward to question limiting beliefs, and applying the ideas to one's own thoughts and life situations. Some assignments involve only prayer and contemplation; others involve discussion with an MMT mind training partner. Most assignments involve using an online function to submit a written response, which may be read, graded, and given feedback on by one of our volunteer MMT teachers*.

Dove Light

Support for the Program
MMT is largely a self-study program, but it also offers opportunities to expand your mind through the use of relationships and other forms of support. This support can come in the following ways:

  • A mind training partner is another MMT student with whom you'll be encouraged to communicate with as you go through the program. A mind training partner is a "mighty companion" that can be a valuable support in your continued progress and completion of each course.

  • Occasional feedback on your assignments from volunteer teachers or tutors on our staff who have gone through the material themselves. They can help by clarifying the teachings and/or offering encouragement as inspired.* 

  • Other support, such as supplemental websites and resources are additional ways to help you integrate the teachings into your experience of daily life. Some examples of supplemental websites and resources are:

*We do not always have volunteer MMT teachers and tutors on our staff, and even when we do, they may not always be guided to read and grade every assignment. But when we do and they are available, they can be thought of as a helpful bonus—a loving reflection to your own mind's desire for Awakening!


  • A consistent daily study practice, over a period of 12 months with a non-dualistic spiritual text that is in alignment with Living Miracles teachings, like A Course in Miracles.

  • Involvement with Living Miracles, David Hoffmeister's teachings, and related study materials for a minimum of 3 months.

Access and Pace of Studies

  • MMT is a two-year program, but your access will allow you four years in which to complete the program.

  • Completion of the program within two years involves 10–15 hours of participation per week.

  • You can request continued access to the program for specific teaching purposes if:

    a) You have completed the program within the four-year time frame

    b) You have submitted the online assignments

    c) Through the assignments you have indicated a clear understanding of the teachings, and an ability to take the ideas inward to transfer the training to your own mind and life

    d) You are an active member of our Living Church Ministries, Inc.

  • You may apply to opt into the Ministerial Program after enrolling in MMT. Opting into the Ministerial Program involves an additional enrollment process and cost.

(Optional) Ministerial Program

Becoming a Commissioned Minister
The MMT program also serves as a Ministerial Program for those who have a calling to be a commissioned minister with Living Church Ministries, Inc. The Ministerial Program involves an additional enrollment process and the completion of certain prerequisites (see Ministerial Program Information). The Ministerial Program provides additional support through a mentor, and requires a more committed and structured approach to completing the program. 

Becoming a Licensed Minister
Through completing the Ministerial Program and completing the Counseling course, you become a licensed minister with Living Church Ministries, Inc. 

Becoming an Ordained Minister
Ordained ministers are appointed by the Senior Pastor of the church. 

Getting Started

  1. Go through all four of the "stepping stones" at the top of the Home Page, which includes this page (Program Information), the Introduction Experience, the Mystical Path, and the Welcome Film. If you have any technical issues with viewing the content of these pages, please review our Technical Requirements page and make sure you're computer meets those requirements.

  2. Once you've completed the above, go through the Ministerial Program section and pray about whether you feel a calling to use the program for the purpose it outlines. You can only opt into the Ministerial Program after you've been active in the MMT program for at least three months, but it's good to start praying into it now. Opting into the Ministerial Program involves an additional enrollment process and cost, and begins by communicating your intention to the Dean after you've enrolled in the MMT program.

  3. When you are sure you want to enroll in the MMT program, complete the application form in the Enrollment and Payment area. You will then be contacted by one of our staff to let you know if you've been accepted.

Upon acceptance into the program and after your enrollment process is complete (including payment), you will receive a welcome email with your username and password. 

On the MMT homepage, there is an Enrollment and Payment section that describes payment options for the Mystical Mind Training Program and the Ministerial Program. Payment plans are available. Please do not make your payment until you've received confirmation from one of our staff that you've been accepted into the program.

Gratitude from Participants

I love MMT sooooooooo much. I am on it every day. It is always a perfect reflection of where I am in each moment and such a practical tool to help me and encourage me to just keep trusting and taking the next step.

I am just so grateful for all the materials and resources that are available right here at my finger tips. Thank you a thousand times and a thousand more.

I just felt called to tell you how much I love you and how grateful I am. The Mystical Mind Training is just so beautiful and keeps getting better every day. Every day it becomes clearer, watching the mind, trusting Spirit, feeling the joy. Miracle after miracle occurs daily, more than daily, constantly. As our hearts open more and more, the truth is revealed more and more.

The MMT program is so powerful and perfectly constructed. The Holy Spirit pours through, the love of Jesus pours through. Please share with everyone what a superb job they have done!  I thank God, I thank Jesus, I thank the Holy Spirit, and I thank you David for the awesome gifts you are bestowing.

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