Overview of the Awakening Mind Path to Mysticism

Awakening Mind path to mysticism, a mystical path - Well, now you have been through the Introduction Experience and the great movie clips that help clarify the purpose of the Mystical Mind Training program. Normally this program has an introduction to every theme-based topic so as to give the mind an idea of what is coming. Then the "meat" of the course delivers the lesson, and the conclusion leads you into how the lesson relates with the next topic to be learned. If the material is very intense then there will often be a funny movie clip to help lighten the material. There is a plan that unfolds through this program. It is designed so that you will be able to learn the ideas, apply them, and then teach them by demonstration. Thus, discernment is achieved.

MMT is your program. It will be available to you to use with others that join later on. You can help walk others through any areas of confusion or just be a support when the light "clicks on." The idea is that this will help facilitate a chain of trust to support the rapid undoing of the ego.
"Miracles are selective only in the sense that they are directed
towards those who can use them for themselves.
Since this makes it inevitable that they will extend them
to others, a strong chain of Atonement is welded." T-1.III.9
The Mystical Mind Training program is not an abstract course without practical methods for the attainment of its goal. The goal is abstraction, yet its attainment happens through the specific. We must learn to trust our brother and this comes through much teaching and learning. There will be countless opportunities to practice and this program is simply designed to save time and facilitate development of that trust.

This program is another aspect of what David Hoffmeister and the Living Miracles ministry offers. There are countless other resources that you can use for awakening to truth; to the Love of God. This particular endeavor is a more structured conglomeration of many saved and new materials, chosen to lead the mind through the undoing process.

It is to some extent like living with the Living Miracles community. You can take it as deep as you want to and the ideas cannot be over-learned. In fact this world has been over-learned so it will take a lot of vigilance to undo its thought patterns. Therefore, although there will be many new materials and audio visual aids, it all reiterates the same lesson over and over again:

You are not here in this world,
nor are you a body in this world.
You are eternally free as the Son of God.

Now let us begin to practice one form of the Universal Curriculum called the Path of the Awakening Mind to Mysticism.

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