The purpose of everything we do is to train the mind to consistently remember its Identity.

As Jesus states quite categorically in the Course, "An untrained mind can accomplish nothing." The purpose of this course is to realize how essential mind training is, in order to thoroughly unwind the mind from the ego’s belief system. Together, we will go into the practice and purpose of mind watching and practicing at the thought level. We will reveal ego defenses and temptations that seem to make mind training difficult, and we have many helpful resources that highlight the need for vigilance. Enjoy this course!

The purpose of this course is to get clear about what the "self-concept" is. What is its purpose and what is it covering over? We will explore different aspects of the self-concept and how it can be loosened so that a more expansive sense of self can be experienced.

The goal of this course is to support you to recognize helpful and unhelpful aspects of "family," look honestly at relationships to identify where there is compromise and people-pleasing, open up to allowing the Holy Spirit to direct relationships and the undoing of aspects of specialness, and begin to understand the concept of the family of God

Follow your heart on a journey of discovery. Listen to the Voice within and do what It says, even if it sometimes doesn't make sense according to what you believe are your "personal" best interests. Your passion to discover the truth will guide you on and draw others along with you. The journey is about forgiving the past and remembering the Love that is ever-present. Love waits only for welcoming and acceptance. When the heart is ready, the witnesses will appear. If you make ready the altar of your mind, God will come into awareness. God is always present.

Enlightenment is the recognition of Reality, and forgiveness is the doorway to it. Simply put, enlightenment is knowing that the eternal is true, and the transitory is false.

During this course we will explore how enlightenment is achieved. We will look at the ego’s plan for enlightenment, and address some common metaphysical confusions that can delay the experience.

During this course we are going to deepen in awareness around both the ego's and the Holy Spirit's purposes for communication. We will look at resistance to communication and explore the use of symbols. And we touch on what real communication is.

Temporary assignments lift us higher and higher into the arms of God. As we embrace each one, our heart opens a little more, more of the past is released, more light filters into the open spaces in the mind, and the memory of God begins to dawn in the mind. This course has a focus on the helpfulness of assignments, and the shifts and contrasts that are experienced as the concept of the self changes.

During this course we are going to go deeply into the beliefs and concepts around sickness. We will raise up and question assumptions and associations involving the body, and various causes in the world and the mind. Our goal is to come to a clear awareness of false assumptions and associations in the mind, and to begin to understand what the purpose is that sickness seems to serve.

It’s time for another deepening in trust and inspiration. We begin this course with a section on trusting your Self. The Voice within that will take you all the way home has to be trusted, and the deeper you go on the journey, the more obvious this becomes. It takes great determination to go to the light, to accept your worthiness, and to overcome the voice of doubt. This course is packed full of inspiration and witnesses of love. May it lift you up and help you take another giant leap forward in your journey home!

The mind that believes it can make up its own world and live a separate, autonomous life apart from God has an authority problem. God is Author; prime Creator, and every perceived annoyance or problem can be traced back to the denial of this fact. Together we will go into a deep exploration of free will, the belief in sacrifice, conflict and control issues, as well as sharing examples of practical assignments that have been helpful for loosening from these beliefs and dynamics.

The end of injustice is justice. It is never falling into the temptation of perceiving yourself as unfairly treated. A main focus for this course is strength in the Spirit. There are several movie clips of Jesus around the trial and crucifixion as well as other stories where the truth is kept in awareness, which highlight some extreme examples of true innocence and inspiration.

This course will help to bring you to a deeper understanding and experience of true forgiveness.