A sound grasp of the metaphysics of the A Course in Miracles is essential for mind training. The metaphysics are the foundation for the development of discernment. When the mind is very clear about the difference between the true and the false, the Spirit and the ego, the mind becomes stable in its identification with truth. Stability of mind allows for peace of mind, and when the mind is at peace, identification with the Spirit dawns and God is made welcome.

This first course on Guidance goes through the initial stages and processes involved with opening up to recognizing and trusting the Holy Spirit's Guidance.

The practice of asking for Guidance is a key component of this course.

Assignments involve discerning the difference between ego and Spirit motives, developing the willingness to follow Guidance, and giving over skills and abilities for the Spirit to use for His purposes.

A holy relationship, given by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of awakening, is a means for saving time.

This course is loaded with helpful videos and audios where many examples are given of holy relationship in action. Holy relationship is a context within which healing is supported and encouraged. This involves exposing the ego and facing fear in its many forms. The result of exposing the ego and healing what is not of God together, is a deepened experience of trust in the Spirit, and a tender opening to true intimacy.

We hope to give you a broad awareness of the benefits of holy relationship and the typical egoic resistances and temptations that attempt to sabotage it, as a means for saving you time and speeding you along in your journey into Love.

To get really clear about true and false empathy is to heal your mind of suffering entirely! There is no greater gift and no greater feeling than to identify as Christ, to see our brothers as they truly are, and to be able to witness to the truth of our being at all times. Such is our goal.

We encourage you to immerse yourself deeply in this course, using every opportunity that comes your way to watch, practice, and apply the teachings that are shared here.

The purpose of this course is to develop the trust and ability to expose private thoughts that are interfering with the experience of knowing one's self and brothers as innocent.

This course offers practical application of the undoing of fear. It allows for the clearing away of egoic thoughts to let the Spirit shine through. What are they? How can they be released? Does the mind believe in them?

Trust is the foundation upon which all else rests. With trust, the mind can make the leap to join with the Holy Spirit and with mighty companions who are going for awakening. Enjoy the many inspirational songs, videos, and talks that shine away beliefs in scarcity, reciprocity, and unworthiness. Trust settles every problem now!

Realizing the power of thought is a necessary prerequisite to be able to control the direction of your thinking. Here we explore and have some fun with the topic of manifesting, which can be a helpful stage. This leads into the topics of "pseudo peace," projection, the misuse of thought, and, last of all, memory.

The meaning of love cannot be taught, and so our attention is on the removal of the blocks that obscure Love and consistent peace from our awareness. The main ideas that we go into in depth are "metaphysical" errors and "transfer-of-training" errors, and we introduce the idea of "the metaphysical ghost."

Stepping stones are metaphors, or symbols, used by the Holy Spirit to lead the mind from identification with this world, higher and higher into abstraction, out of fear and into Love. Stepping stones are like a bridge, and are an essential tool that the Spirit uses as a backdrop for mind training for the mind that is afraid of God.

In this course we will explore various stepping stones and contexts, and how these serve in an individualized way as well as in a broader way, in support of awakening. We will look at various aspects of loosening and undoing, as well as giving over abilities and relationships in order to accept what the Spirit would have you step into next. The goal of this course is to help you maximize the stepping stone that you are on, and/or to open up to your next step in the ever-deepening, ever-expanding journey into the mind.

What is specialness and what makes a relationship special? What is at the core of the search and the desire for completion? We go into the topics of special love, romantic love, and the helpful use of symbols and relationships for awakening to real Love.

In this course we will be taking the hand of the Spirit to look directly at fear. Through movie clips, short films, discussions, and interactive assignments the mechanics of the ego are uncovered and fear is seen for what it is. We begin with the fear of God, the last obstacle that needs to be surmounted to remember our true Identity, which is gently allowed into awareness. This course concludes with a section on the "Release from Fear."

These are three significant terms that are used often in A Course in Miracles. "Miracles, Magic, and Prayer" will lead you step by step to a thorough understanding of what they mean and how they can be used in a helpful way.